Electric Facial Cleansing Brush 3 In 1 Face Pore Cleaner

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Product parameters
Waterproof grade:IP66
Product size :135*65*53mm
Waterproofing frequency:300 / min
Charging time:about 3.5 hours
Operation mode:Ultrasonic vibration
Product Details
Sonic Brightening Cleansing Brush:
1. (2 levels) Gentle heat removes everyday makeup.
2. Soft & standard mode for choice
3. 2 brush heads for different skin need.
4. Ultrasonic vibration technology solves 6 skin problems
5. IP66 waterproof,conveniently to clean and use in bathroom.
6. USB charging,free from battery,friendly to environment.
7. Fully charge takes 3.5 hours.
Product characteristics:
1. Soft and clear brush head: apply to the soft skin of the face, about 36000 super fine soft bristles, diameter 1.5mm to dredge and clean the pores, bring the perfect deep cleaning effect.
2. Deep cleaning brush head: it is suitable for body skin, and has about 40000 fine and gentle brushes. It thoroughly cleanse the whole body, old waste keratin, residual dirt and grease, anti mite and bacteriostasis, and brighten skin color, and restore skin elasticityand compactness.
3. Bi-directional micro amplitude high-frequency vibration of the brush head, gently massage the skin, promote blood circulation, stimulate follow-up maintenance.
4. One – key operation electric cleaning system, soft and standard mode, to meet the needs of different skin cleaning.
5. Streamline fuselage, IP66 dustproof and waterproof design, can be used when bathing
Makeup remover function:
1. Remover temperature: 43 centigrade &48 C to help dissolve make-up
Spread a suitable amount of cleanser on the face,turn on the machine by pushing the

Power button,do the cleaning and massage by adjusting the buttons to the strength suitable for yourself.


5 Adjustable Suction Force with One-click Design: Pore Vacuum Physical Suction Design from Level1 to Level 5 suction force to meet different facial needs. One-Click design to change the force and long press to shut down the device.
5 Replaceable Suction Heads for Different Skin Needs: provide 5 professional suction heads for different skin conditions. Choice different heads size to fit different face areas. To be your professional home SPA skin care tools.
Exclusive Beauty Lamp Functions: it’s the upgrade blackhead remover, add BEAUTY LAMP function. The beauty lamp pattern can be opened simultaneously with facial care. RED LAMP-promote collagen regeneration, tender skin, restore skin elasticity; GREEN LAMP-decompose melanin, bright skin whitening, let skin return water tender and transparent; BLUE LAMP-antiphlogistic and sterilization, the inhibition of skin secretion, repair skin problem of rough and damage.
Blackhead Problems Solved: Coarse pore, rough skin, dark skin, exfoliates dead skin, blackhead and pores of skin, dirt nose, Firm and Improves skin elasticity. Easily cleans up the blackhead, Removes dirt grease inside pores, reduces dead skin and fine lines, massage and tighten the skin.
Built-in 500mAh Battery, Rechargeable USB charging.
✔ Please don’t suction on the same area all the time, it will make the skin swell. If the skin swells, stop using immediately.
✔ Before using the product, use hot steamer or hot towel or blackhead remover gel/cream on your skin for 5 minutes to completely open your pores first to ensure the best performance of the product.
How to use?
STEP 1: Clean your face, use the blackhead Export liquid or facial steamer to open the pore.
STEP 2: According to your requirements, choose among the Five Level Suction. Start with the lowest.
STEP 3: Move the blackhead cleanser back and forth around the pore with a constant speed, slowly move, do not stay in one place for too long to avoid injury, and do not press it hardly or pull vertically.
STEP 4: After washing your face, please use ice towel or cold water or shrinking liquid to restore the treated pore.
Package Included:
1 x Blackhead Remover
5 x Probe
1 x USB Charge Cable
1 x Manual


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Manufacturing Process

Machine Made

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Place of Origin

Guangdong, China

Multi-Function Beauty Equipment



Multi-Function Beauty Equipment


CE, ROHS, FCC, Quality Report


ABS Plastic










Rechargeable and Waterproof Ip 66


clean pores,gentle heat removes

Function 2

Makeup Remover

Function 3

Face Pore Cleaner

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